About the NPA Border

This amazing perennial garden, maintained by volunteers, is NPA's gift to the community. The Border has been a featured attraction at Bellevue Botanical Garden (BBG) since 1992. It is a source of education, inspiration and hands-on learning opportunities for NPA members, horticulture students and gardeners throughout the Puget Sound area. BBG is free and open to the public daily, dawn to dusk. Driving directions.

In 2008, the NPA, in partnership with BBG and the city of Bellevue, began a dramatic renovation based on a new plan by two of the Border's original designers, Glenn Withey and Charles Price. Volunteers dug and saved hundreds of plants from the original garden. Heavy equipment was brought in to re-contour the steep slope and create new beds filled with lavish soil amendments. Comfortable strolling paths, two main staircases and beautiful teak benches were installed. Finally, thousands of new perennials, evergreens, bulbs, shrubs and trees were added for year-round color, interest and beauty. See the exciting new Border design.

George Lasch, NPA Border Supervisor

George is the NPA Border Supervisor at BBG, where he welcomes volunteers, students and community service volunteers, all working to keep the Border looking its best.

Volunteers make the difference.

Volunteering a few hours in the Border is the ideal way to expand your knowledge about gardening while giving back to the community. You'll usually find our volunteers in the Border at 10 a.m. on Thursdays. You're welcome to join us!