NPA lecture with Amy Stewart
Wicked Plants – The Deliciously Dark Side
of the Plant Kingdom


NPA Annual Meeting & Lecture
Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 1 pm
Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH)

3501 NE 41st Street, Seattle
Doors open at noon for plant & seed sales
NPA members free/Nonmembers $10

Amy Stewart has been hot on the horticulture scene since publication of her early books, explorations into the world of earthworms and first gardens, becoming a popular speaker known for her spirited and entertaining programs. She went on to research and write about the world-wide flower trade, earning those valuable frequent flyer miles and publishing her fascinating discoveries in Flower Confidential. Amy then paid a visit to the dark side, investigating plants, poisons, popular legends and facts, learning a little-known side of botany. For instance, do you know which favorite NW perennial is believed, by some historians, to have affected the outcome of a Greek conquest in the ancient city of Kirrha?  How about the source of the illness that caused the death of Abraham Lincoln’s mother?  All that, and more, at our annual meeting and program on Sunday, September 25th.

Please join us for what promises to be a lively program based on Amy’s findings and published in her bestseller, Wicked Plants. We’ll learn the answer to these interesting queries, hear a few juicy details and amazing accounts of how some very common plants have helped shape history and our perceptions, both in and out of the garden. Next up for Amy is Wicked Bugs, to be published in May, giving us the same insight into the world of creepy crawlies and her infectious curiosity!